Charter of Core Values

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”



Fighting for Compassion, Justice and Integrity.



  1. To base Australia’s economic development on policies of incentive, not of subsidy.
  2. To guarantee that economic development through adequate investment in research and development, technological advance and entrepreneurial endeavour.
  3. To establish a simple and just tax system, which guarantees that all persons and all entities will pay their fair share.
  4. To promote Australia’s environmental health by acknowledging that care for the environment and good business practice are complementary, not mutually exclusive.
  5. To guarantee the liberty of all. To ensure that liberty will only be forfeited by due process of law.
  6. To maintain the best and most cost-effective defence of Australia, where the needs of Australia will be the paramount consideration.
  7. To understand that education is the bedrock of a great society, and so to foster its improvement, efficiency and effectiveness at all levels, and to adequately reward those who deliver it.
  8. To recognise that a great society is one free to tell its stories to the world, and so to encourage and support those who tell Australia’s stories with dignity, clarity and passion.
  9. To ensure the health of all, both physical and mental, through proper investment in medical and surgical infrastructure and personnel, particularly through policies of preventative medicine.
  10. To foster equality, dignity and respect for all, through the guarantee of fundamental human rights, financial safety nets, access to justice, and the paramountcy of the rule of law.
  11. To celebrate Australia’s unity whilst harnessing the power of its diversity.