Why We Are Different

“Hope has two beautiful daughters; their names are Anger and Courage. Anger at the way things are, and Courage to see that they do not remain as they are.”

Augustine of Hippo

TNL aims, not only to heal the crises created by the political class in this country, but to change the very political culture itself. We are creating a wave of change which will sweep across the nation and wash away the professional politicians, with their self-serving ‘power for us, power at any cost’ philosophy. We will replace them with real people from the real world who care about their country.

We are unlike any party which has gone before. Here are some of the ways in which we are different:

  • Unlike the 80% of federal politicians who have never held a job outside politics, all our candidates have had real world experience and have expertise in their field, to bring to the benefit of the nation.
  • Because, unlike the ‘professional politicians’, we do not seek power for its own sake, but for how we can use it to benefit the nation, we do not ever need to compromise our core values, but will continue to speak the truth as we see it at all times.
  • Because we do not seek power for its own sake, we are not focused purely on the next election, like other parties, but have a long-term vision to achieve the greatest benefit for the nation.
  • Unlike other parties, we have a published Charter of Core Values which will always govern our decision making and any legislation we propose. The public has the security of knowing that, if we ever tried to deviate from that Charter, they could call us out.
  • Unlike other parties, all donations over $1000 will be published on this website in real time.
  • Because we will never trade favours with donors, our legislation will be wholly and only for the benefit of the nation, and not for the benefit of those donors or their associates. We will do things no other party dare do. For example, we will recoup the $40 Billion gouged each year from the tax system by the multinationals paying no tax, and throwing the whole burden of taxation on the shoulders of the forgotten middle class. We will abolish the invidious practice of mandatory detention, where asylum seekers spend 5-10 years behind bars for doing nothing more serious than fleeing conflict in their own country. We will design a defence policy based on the needs of Australia, not the needs of a foreign ally which has long since decided we are expendable. We will bring to an end, inappropriate cropping in arid areas, where farms have dams holding more water than Sydney harbour, leaving downstream towns dying of thirst, and downstream farmers going out of business.
  • Unlike other parties, our overarching aim is to bring Australians together, and to heal the wounds created by the divisive politics of the last few decades.